Founder / Creator Story🌱

Founder / Creator Story🌱

    Since I was a child, I've always taken a deep fondness to jewlery. I love how different colors, gems, shades and tones can bring out dfferent aspects of you! I always knew this, but as a teen I couldnt afford the best quality jewlery so I would risk my skin turning green! So I started collecting different crafts and pieces of jewlwery and creating my own. I have always loved expressing myself through my style and jewlery can definetly bring more energy and brightness to your outfit. 

    I've always had a fondness for jewlery and knew what I'd like and what I don't. Since I started tapping into my creativity I learned I am capable of creatiting my own pieces. Once I started noticing people took a favoring towards my pieces I created for myself. I started creating them for others. Then I started educating and exerpiencing the in and outs to jewlery craftsmanship and to entreprenurship.

      Then a seed was planted. I started expressing myself through my jewlery crafting and accesorizing. I started researching more ways to expand my brand and my marketing. Then the seed grew. A beautiful flower called "FairyArtistry". My brand has went through many transitions and steps of growth (as any brand can relate to). Some of you remember my brand starting off at "FuegoAllure" then "YemojaArtistry" and now, what you all know as FairyArtistry. 

    My intentions and goals with FairyArtistry all centers around creating affordable luxury jewlery and accessories. FairyArtistry peices are handmade with love and packaged with abundance. 


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