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FairyArtistry is an affordable luxury jewelry & accessories brand. I created peices for men, women and they/thems. We specialize in minimalist themed jewlery. We sell and create limited edition pieces, gold, silver and crystal jewelry. Explore our store and see what you’re called to!

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A Word From Our Founder:

  • Jade & Evil Eye Protection Set.

    Amina (@minahwinah) in our Jade & Evil Eye Protection set.🌱🧿

  • Pisces & Yin to my Yang Set.

    Crystal (@filosofa__) wearing a custom Pisces ♓️ & Yin to my Yang set.

  • Virgo & Transformation Set.

    Jay in our custom Virgo & Transformation set.☘️

  • Eye See All Necklace.

    Angel (@prinxessbbyangel) in our Eye See All choker!✨

  • Heart of Gold + Chakra Points Set. / Custom Tsunami Earrings.

    A stylish customer dripped out in FairyArtistry!🔥

  • Royal Ankh / Hand of God Set.

    Founder of FairyArtistry, Fairy (@fairymoja) in our Royal Ankh & Hand of God White Gold Necklaces. 💫

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