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FairyArtistry is an intentional luxury jewelry & accessories brand. We create handmade peices and specialize in minimalist gold jewelry. We sell and create limited edition pieces, as well and curate crystal jewelry and spiritual symbolism. Explore our store and see what you’re called to!

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  • Royal Ankh / Hand of God Set.

    Founder of FairyArtistry, Vanessa (@vnessafairy) in our Royal Ankh & Hand of God White Gold Necklaces. 💫

  • Catch us at your local pop-up shop!

    Our CEO / Founder Vanessa (@vnessafairy) at a local pop up shop. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can know when it’s one coming near you!🌱

  • Fairy Flics.

    CEO / Founder Vanessa, (@vnessafairy) in our Chosen Ones Set. Available now in our store.

  • Custom Sets.

    CEO / Founder Vanessa, (@vnessafairy) in a custom made set. If you’re interested in custom sets please inquire with us through email. (FairyArtistry@gmail.com)

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